About Us

Why use a Professional Photographer?

Good question. We have done some extensive research on Photography and how it all correlates to real estate. 92% of home buying starts online. Potential homeowners start their search for a new home on the web. Out of the 92%, they spend 60% of their time on the photographs, 20% on the real estate agent’s descriptions, and 20% on property descriptions. So how does this translate to you? Without high-end photographs, you have a whopping 2 seconds to get the property buyers interest peeked, but you have a 40 second window of opportunity with high-end photographs.

We here at Realty and Architecture Photographers want to bring this high quality imagery to you and your clients. Research shows that homes that are professionally photographed garner 61% more online views. Translation:  this type of imagery drives quicker sells in less time and higher profits for the realtor.

Daniel & Melissa Atkins

We are a photography duo working together to offer the most value to our clients.

We both have college experience (Daniel has his associates degree) specializing in photography and art.

We have six wonderful sons. We work to make their futures and ours successful and enjoyable.